The Green Concept

LIASARI is the world’s first totally green and natural palm based skincare and cosmetic products company. It has made its country proud by successfully going downstream in the application of palm based oleochemicals, thus creating a full range of skincare, body care, toiletries, cosmetics and soap products plus candles. It is the first in the world to have fully achieved the GREEN STATUS, which means LIASARI products are made from palm oil and natural ingredients that do not contain petrochemicals and animal extracts. Having the GREEN STATUS, LIASARI products are not only safe and contain other natural goodness but the products are completely biodegradable.

    THE LIASARI GREEN CONCEPT was developed by her founder-creator, who is an Industrialist and Engineer by profession and a visionary by nature. Today, LIASARI has achieved its status as Malaysia’s leading national skincare and cosmetics company with an environmentally friendly philosophical outlook.

    LIASARI’s high quality products are the result of extensive research and development jointly conducted by independent scientific institutions such as the Palm Oil Research Institute of Malaysia (PORIM) and the Standard Industrial Research Institute of Malaysia (SIRIM) and also with her research counterparts in France, Korea and Russia. With the scientific backing of these internationally recognised authorities, LIASARI products achieve the highest standard in terms of product purity and efficacy.

LIASARI has four major operations - Research & Development, Manufacturing, Distribution and Retail.

Due to her innovative breakthrough in commercialising a fully range of green personal care products, LIASARI is fully recognised and supported by the numerous Malaysian governmental bodies. Due to her recognition as a leader in “beauty the natural way” in the skincare and cosmetic industry, LIASARI has been constantly invited to be the presenter of local as well as international beauty pageants. Frequent write-ups about LIASARI and her products that appear in numerous local as well as international magazines and newspapers is further prove of LIASARI in her commitment to communicate to the world the wonders of the GREEN CONCEPT.

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